Keynote speakers

Array Jürgen Kretschmann � D. Klingenburg

Prof. Jürgen Kretschmann, Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (THGA), Germany 

Prof. Jürgen Kretschmann completed his secondary education at the Max Planck Gymnasium. After studying business administration in Aachen, Bochum and Dortmund, he was awarded a doctoral degree in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.) in Göttingen in 1990. His habilitation followed at the RWTH Aachen University in 1998, specialising in georesources and materials science, after which he worked as a lecturer. In 2005, Jürgen Kretschmann was appointed Adjunct Professor at RWTH.
From 1990 to 2001, Prof. Kretschmann held various management positions at Ruhrkohle AG, most recently as personal advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Labour Director of the RAG. In 2001, he joined RAG BILDUNG GmbH as a member of the management board. Since 2006, he is chairperson of the management board of DMT-Gesellschaft für Lehre und Bildung GmbH and president of the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola University in Bochum.
Prof. Kretschmann is a member of numerous national and international professional bodies, currently (2018/19) President of the Society of Mining Professors.

Associate Professor Andrea J BrickeySouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Her research concentrates on applying cross-disciplinary knowledge to the mining industry, most recently by implementing advanced operations research techniques to optimize underground mine scheduling and planning. I am focusing on developing a more holistic mine schedule by incorporating additional aspects of the mine’s operation (such as ventilation) and continue investigating opportunities for collaboration in areas outside of traditional mining engineering practices, such as applied mathematics, computer science and applied physics. I am also interested in developing tools and references focused on accelerating the effectiveness of mining engineers early in their careers.
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